The SDC Weekly for 9/26/22

  Greetings Staunton Democrats ! Enclosed are more news, opportunities, future and past event details, and pleadings for volunteers and funds and whatever else we think of.  We hope you will look forward to this post every Monday and use it to keep fighting for our democratic values and dedication to all members of our communities. If you wish to submit information to be published by the SDC then please email the information to .  We can publish to the blog weekly, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) more frequently.  Please send all comments and feedback to . And now for the show ! This week: Our democracy at risk from the inside Opportunities and calls for action ! The SDC Candidate Forum for the Win ! VOTE ! Some Good News for the Planet Events Other Candidate Forums (3 !) SDC Coffee The SDC blog News from our friends Democratic achievements and news Meanwhile, the Republicans … Ben Cline (Sigh!) Jennifer Lew
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